determinations are based upon the criteria established in the 1994 Uram Memorandum. 31 Providing additional incentives to industry to promote remining of coal refuse and other abandoned mine sites will provide for additional reclamation of abandoned mines that would not otherwise be accomplished through the Abandoned neodymium block magnets
Mine Lands (AML) program. Specific benchmarks for measuring success, such as acres of additional reclamation performed, will be developed consistent with the implementation of the incentives. viii. Energy-Related Information Collections under the Paperwork Reduction Act The OSMRE reviewed the current industry costs associated with the Paperwork Reduction Act and did not find any information collections that “potentially burden5 the development or utilization of domestically produced energy resources” in accordance EO13783. It should be noted that there will be no industry costs associated with information collection based on the Stream magnet bar
cube magnetsProtection Rule, due to the Congressional Review Act nullification of that final rule. F. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service The FWS is reviewing its final rule, “Management of Non-Federal Oil and Gas Rights,” 81 FR 79948 (Nov. 14, 2016) to determine whether revision would be appropriate to reduce burden on energy. Additionally, below is a list of burdens and opportunities to fulfill the intent of the Executive Order: i. Streamline Rights-of-way (ROW) for pipelines and electricity transmission The approval process for new ROW access can be overly restrictive and excessively lengthy. The National magnet bar
cube magnetsWildlife Refuge System Administration Act, as amended, requires all uses, including rights-of-way, of National Wildlife Refuges to be compatible with the mission of the System. The FWS will work with stakeholders in a more timely fashion to determine if proposed ROW uses are compatible. Additionally, FWS will revise its ROW regulation to streamline the current ROW granting process to significantly decrease the time to obtain ROW approval from

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